Friday, June 12, 2009

immortal soul

Shreemadbhawat says: no one can destroy the immortal soul because it is indestructible. Its spread throughout the world. Nothing can destroy the soul.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

mortal and immortal

Shreemadbhawat says: a mortal thing doesnot exists and an immortal thing is never destroyed.

Body never existed before/after death, it is never stable, its forever changing..heading toward death. So we can clearly see that it is not stable, never stable in one place. Or we can say it never exists in one specific form, as it changes before we can even clearly realize that starts as a baby and at a rapid, uncontrolled way heads toward death, changing every second.

On the other hand, soul is never destroyed. It is/was and will be always here. It only changes the body.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy in adversity and prosperity.

Shreemadbhawat says: The person who is equally calm in happiness & sorrow,who is not moved by these feelings becomes immortal.

Human life is not to enjoy petty happiness and sorrow, but to rise above these and surrender oneself to the endless joy and happiness derived from surrendering to God.

The person who becomes nonchalant to happiness and sorrow by surrendering to God reaches immortality.

His heart is stable in God, hence he does not feels ecstassy, arrogancy or addiction when every thing is happening in his favour.

He doesnot feels pain, anguish or frustration when everything is going against him.

He knows the only thing stable in this world is his soul and its connection to God, every thing else will come and go, and will be left behind.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

right to perform

You have right to only do the work, you have no right on the results, don’t be the reason behind results, don’t abstain from work.

Shreemadbhagwat says you have right to only perform, you should not look at the outputs, dont try to perform with motive of self satisfaction behind it, nor should you try to abstain from work, thinking it will save you from being obsessed with positive output of your works.

You should work, without the motive of personal gain, you should work for human kind and be nonchalant to the output. completely oblivious about their positive or negative results.